"Your Dick's Making My Pussy All Wet!"

June 29th, 2015
Goldie, who's only 19, is sunning herself by the pool when this video opens. She's hot, so she jumps into the pool, but when she gets out, she's even hotter. "So you've been watching me, huh?" she says. Then she spits on her hands, and we know why. "Is your dick getting hard? You ready for me to jerk it off and make you cum? Let's see how long it takes." Probably not too long. The pre-cum is seeping out of our cocks already. Next, Goldie takes her tits out and strokes the cock. She's a two-handed...
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Amateur Raquel Sieb
July 2nd, 2015
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July 2nd, 2015
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"You Want To Shoot A Nice, Big Load, Don't You?"

June 23rd, 2015
Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She's standing at a bar. "Can I get you something to drink?" she asks. "Maybe something sweet, fruity? Maybe some hard liquor. Would you like something on the rocks?" She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. She pours herself a shot and says, "Why don't you come here and do a body shot?" She pours the shot down her cleavage, and the guy eagerly...
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A Tug job To Get The Job

June 17th, 2015
Ya gotta hand it to Chrissie-actually, she has to hand it to you!-a 20-year-old sexpot from New York. She shows up for an interview wearing a tiny bikini top and a short skirt. Her G-string is exposed above the skirt, and we can see her tramp stamp, too. Now, this guy who's interviewing her...we don't know what the fuck he's saying half the time, but Chrissie doesn't care. "I'm going to make sure I get this job," Chrissie says as she strokes his leg all the way up to his cock. "Your cock is getting...
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